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  1. Thank you for your order
    Hi Nadja,

    Just to let you know — we’ve received your order #5929, and it is now being processed:

    Paid with MasterCard card ending with 9068.

    [Order #5929] (December 26, 2019)
    Product Quantity Price
    Zopiclone 7.5 MG
    Select Tablets:

    Choose Brand:

    1 £180.00
    Subtotal: £180.00
    Shipping: £10.00 via Flat rate
    Payment method: Credit Card
    Total: £190.00
    Billing address
    — Bitte wählen
    Nadja Mattle
    Rahnstrasse 16A
    9450 Altstätten
    Shipping address
    — Bitte wählen
    Nadja Mattle
    Rahnstrasse 16A
    9450 Altstätten
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  2. Have ordered Zopiclone 90Tablets for 180Pounds.Order no.is 5929,could you send me a payment link?

  3. Tracking number

  4. Me Again
    I have ordered 150 Tablets of Zopiclone.The Bill is Paid
    Could you send me the Trackingnumber?
    Adress:Nadja Mattle,Rahnstrasse 16,9450 Altstätten,Switzerland,

  5. To whom it may concern.

    My name is Aisling Gallagher and on Friday night/ early Saturday morning I made a large order with your website. In the ordering process, I got no email confirmation. I think some order id did pop up, but I didn’t make note of it, supposing that it would come with an email confirmation. fact that there was no confirmation email, and no movement in my bank account, I think I reordered again by mistake. I think I have basically messed up in the ordering process and wish to cancel any orders made with a view to making one new order, with communication from you. I registered but it doesnt seem to recognize my password , and cannot find anyway to change the password. I tried to use the “,contact us” facility on the site but it didnt recognize my phone number and so the message would not send. .I have to say your site is not very friendly. I dont know whether I have made orders or not or how many, since no confirmation email was received.

    Please contact me in relation to the ordering process so that I can make a smooth order, with a confirmation email and an order id. If this works out I will be a regular and loyal client.

    I have a number of concerns however. Firstly I live in the Republic of Ireland and have once had a package interceded by customs who sent me a note warning the dangers of ordering medications over the internet.,what is your policy in this regard. Do you reship. Failing this do you refund?
    Have you ever delivered to the Republic of Ireland and encountered any problems with delivery? In saying that my uncle has sent clonozepam, topamax and lexapro in the past from America, Calafornia. I would also like to know where the products are being shipped from and where they are made. As I have said before , if this works out I will be a regular client. Please cancel any orders made by me


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